Saturday, April 21, 2007

A war without peace

The failed attempt by the United States to control Iraq's oil reserves will eventually end. The failure of Iraqis to live harmoniously has seemingly no end in sight. When the war ends will anyone be held responsible for the human cost? Or will it simply be 'on to the next thing?' If the United Nations was unable to stop the US from invading Iraq then where will the next failure occur? Though many of us live our lives distant from the clatter and chaos of bombs and sirens that does not mean that we are not responsible. There is something grotesque and obscene in the way we casually send our young men and women to their deaths. The politicians and generals put on serious faces, but the tears are reserved only for family and friends. The world needs sensible leadership and responsible management. Will it ever come? Not likely.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Controlled Flooding

There is something quaint about the way in which three levels of government are rushing about trying to raise the dikes along the Fraser River. Interesting how when you push nature it does what only nature knows, which is to push back. In our simple way it seems so obvious to jump in with all the equipment we can muster in order to contain the river. I've not yet heard anyone suggest that instead of increasing the height of the dikes the answer may be to build the dikes further from the river's natural course. So desperate are we to protect our farmlands and industrial parks along the Fraser that we push to river further and further inwards when what we need is a little more creative thinking, long term thinking, natural thinking. This bolstering of the dikes will not end well. Let nature take its course - after all, is that not what all the current hue and cry is all about. Let's see now, we'll start with the Fraser River, next Florida. The expected freshet will doubtless be nothing more than a damp squib - just not as damp as everyone anticipates.