Thursday, February 25, 2010

The RCMP deserve gold medals (every day)

By happenstance I became embroiled in an incident yesterday which gave me some insight into the way in which our RCMP officers respond to certain situations.

Returning from the scene of the incident I reflected on what an amazing job these young men and women do. I also reflected on how often they are unfairly and ignorantly judged by the public. This lead me further to the notion of 'judging', as in the profession of jurisprudence, and it struck me that I would not trade one RCMP officer for ten Judges in British Columbia or for that matter an army of Parole Board Members. 

Certain decisions - and one choose from hundreds - made in British Columbia's courts - and courts across this county - are a pointed insult to the RCMP and our communities as a whole. 

Too much time is spent in this Province and Country deliberating on whether or not one should favour the Liberals over the Conservatives or the NDP over the Greens. This activity fall for the most part under the category of 'trivial pursuit'.

If we spent more time and money deliberating on dragging our justice system into the real world than we do on which party or the other is going housekeep Canada (on the few occasions that they show up for work)  then we'd all be better off. And the work carried out by the officers of the RCMP would be recognized for what it is; probably the best example of policing on this planet.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


"Nuclear power is just like radioactive coal."


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