Monday, July 12, 2010

It's been a while

Sadly, I have grown to neglect this blog and visit it only rarely.

Things however have livened up in the downtown area of Maple Ridge or South Haney as it now referred to by some.

Two large sites have been cleared at the foot of 224th Street over the weekend. For what purpose one wonders? Hotel, condos, shops? With Don Cherry's Bar & Grill continuing its roll and the newly refurbished gathering patrons rather than dust it would seem that the old 'hood is doin' good.

Further up 224th near the Lougheed a new bank has been built on the northeast corner and near $6 m with of infrastructure, road improvements, lamp stands and landscaping continue disrupt traffic from 223rd to 225th. All well worth it. There is even another new business building going up near the corner of 223rd. Not sure what is going on in front of the old Mussalem Dealership, but extensive road works and excavations continue to fascinate the gawkers.

They say this work will all go on well into the winter months.

So it seems like spring 2011 will present us with some idea of what a revitalized downtown may look like.

Now - about that waterfront.

Happily, I had a very pleasant experience at the District of Maple Ridge Planning and Building Department this morning. I will have to go easier on them in future.