Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can the boomers save the world again?

Fundamental periodic changes define regional and sovereign relations

Ignoring the facts of history altogether allows the next generation of thinkers to contemplate unfettered the prospects of future global socio-political strategies.

With control being the central theme of all local, regional and global conflicts throughout our history it is not surprising that, like everything else, the controlled and the controllers change with time. Analysis of these changes can be viewed in varying degrees of scale. The table below aims at what is probably the broadest range. The periods described do not begin in a specific year, decade or century. The period headed ‘The next definition’ however may be said to have begun in 2006 or shortly before.

The world finds itself in the early stages of this period being divided into relatively small, though many in number, regions of intense local terrorist and counter terrorist engagement. The rest of world prospers – some would say booms economically – seemingly unaffected by the conflicted regions. Even a looming $100 oil price seems to have little or no effect on developed world economies. These economies adjust and move on, as surely as the opening bell rings on the New York and London stock exchanges, and as surely as the day’s trading comes to end.

It is into this world that the boomer generation begins the last leg of its influence on world history. And it is in this period, perhaps, that the boomer generation can once more set a new course for regional conflict resolution.