Monday, August 07, 2006

Of children and peace

In solitude’s glare

How will they tread
This fragile thread
Forged by time
The slow and sullen average man
A night out with the green
Ambition of youthful anger

And how are they
To up and keep
A sober life with forward step
Slowed only by the threat of our future
Grotesquely clear and looming in my sleep
Where children bemused gaze up
At the teacher’s grey-chinned scorn

How are they on Earth
Transplanted by passion
Bought here in a singular unity
Trimmed by infinity
Refined By fate
Stationed aloof at the arches of dawn

Orbiting in the angel’s thighs
Caressed by ingratitude
A day from glory
Just as simplicity spelt my name
In your memory
How we are now knelt
Before rising in the darkness
To sip the dew

C. Andrup
December 13, 1990

And inspired
In particular

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