Friday, December 15, 2006

Perfidious Albion part deux

Adj.1.perfidious - tending to betray; especially having a treacherous character as attributed to the Carthaginians by the Romans; "Punic faith"; "the perfidious Judas"; "the fiercest and most treacherous of foes"; "treacherous intrigues"

In the context of discovering Vancouver:

"Steering to the north, Captain Thorn arrived in a few days at Vancouver's Island, and anchored in the harbor of Neweetee, very much against the advice of his Indian interpreter, who warned him against the perfidious character of the natives of this part of the coast."

In the context of Maple Ridge (2007):

As Maple Ridge turns its attentions once again to the future of the Albion flood plain situated in its western quadrant the word 'perfidious' - a wonderful world with nasty connotations - rolls around in my mind.

We are reminded of the word once again in today's news reports coming from the celebrated and original Perfidious Albion, England.

Very British solution to Saudi problem
By Paul Reynolds World affairs correspondent, BBC News website

Eurofighter at heart of UK/Saudi relationsThere will be a few wry smiles in foreign ministries around the world, particularly perhaps at the Quai D'Orsay in Paris and the state department in Washington, at news that the corruption investigation into a huge British defence contract with Saudi Arabia has been suddenly ended.

Foreign competitors will see another performance by 'perfidious Albion', as the British government holds its hand on its heart and promises that commercial interests have played no part.

British lectures on the "rule of law" will lose some of their force.
Other governments - and frankly, many of the British workers engaged on the project - will not believe that the size of the contract in question was not the determining factor. It is for 72 Typhoon Eurofighters from BAE.

BAE had reported that negotiations were at a standstill until the Saudis knew what was going to happen.

There was talk that Saudi Arabia might turn to the US and buy some F-15s instead, or to the French and its Eurofighter rival, the Rafale.

The fact is that the sale of fighters to Saudi Arabia has largely determined British relations with the kingdom for more than 20 years

The connection:

When the Maple Ridge Albion Area plan is complete and presented to the public one wonderw to what extent the public and certain groups in the District will be forced to reflect on react in similarly to the way the world has reacted to Perfidious Albion in the case of F-15s scandal. In other words will be too be asking this question:

"..........competitors (read opposing proponents - SmartCentres v. the sports/cultural/environment lobby) will see another performance by 'perfidious Albion', as the British (read District of Maple Ridge) government holds its hand on its heart and promises that commercial interests have played no part."

An intriguing prospect indeed.

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