Saturday, August 16, 2008

Look for candidates who offer less

Less of the same
  • inertia towards the downtown area
  • pandering to developers who continue building where no buildings are needed (is it any wonder that the August 2008 on new housing starts sites Maple Ridge with the fewest. This is because the District has churned out so many subdivisions that we now have too many and don't need any more, perhaps for years).
  • attitude towards property owners who ride rough shod over the community by allowing their properties to become junk yards (Northumberland Court on Fraser Street for instance)
  • disregard for basic fundamentals of infrastructure. How about freshly painted pedestrian cross walks and decent lighting to prevent further deaths on our roads
  • expenditure on consultants and analysts who once we have paid we ignore their advice
  • planning and more implementation of the plans in place
  • sense of achievement when nothing is achieved
  • of the same civic agenda and more of the community agenda
  • interest group-style politicians - does one absolutely have to be tied to the development community to get elected
  • focus on development (if we can't attract developers with style, panache and guts then lets not pretend we know what we are doing)
  • crime
  • grow-ops
  • graffiti
  • pointless vandalism and more vigilism
  • theft
  • fast food outlets
  • loonie stores
  • micro-management by politicians
  • talking, more listening by politicians
  • roads, more bike trails and horse trails
  • crummy design and construction
  • cars, more people
  • bureaucratic fear, more government courage
  • insider dealing, more transparent and communicative approach towards all aspects of governance and government
  • 1950s more 2030

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