Monday, November 24, 2008

Carter shocked by Zimbabwe crisis - really!!

"Former US President Jimmy Carter has said the crisis in Zimbabwe is "far worse" than he had imagined."

That was the news reported by the BCC today.

The real shock is that Carter admitted to being shocked. What on earth was he expecting and where on earth has he been?

Zimbabwe's plight has been front and centre in the world's media for years and only now is Jimmy Carter shocked. Given the proximity of Kofi Annan, Graca Mandela and Elder chairperson Bishop Tutu to the action in Zimbabwe one cannot credit any one of the Elders with shock as to the peril the population faces in Zimbabwe. Feigning shock at this stage is pure theatrics.

The Elders have also stated that they do not mean to get involved in politics, only humanitarian issues. This ignores the fact that the politics of the Robert Mugabe dictatorship have lead us to the place where we are in Zimbabwe. It matters not a fig whether the Elders take a political, military or humanitarian stance. Only one thing matters; the women, children and helpless who have been cast adrift by the international community and SADEC - not for the first or last time - to drift towards a slow death in the vast ocean of Mugabe's insanity and neglect.

Once again Africa has turned its back on its own. And Carter is shocked. Oh please, who are the ELDERS kidding?

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