Friday, December 05, 2008

Peace at last - a prorogued parliament

With Christmas upon us it is comforting to know that our so-called political leaders are prevented from going about their business in Ottawa. Frankly, Canada would be better served if the Governor General could find it in her heart to extend the suspension of Parliament sometime into 2010 or beyond, to a time when the recession is behind us. The more fiscal and policy tinkering that the politicians take on, the worse life gets for the electorate. The choice of either one egomaniac acting alone or three egomaniacs acting in concert is no choice at all. On the bright side Canadians may have been awakened from their long, deep political slumber and may, at least for a brief moment, get their less-than-disinterested-in-politics backsides down the polling booth next time around. In the meantime enjoy the prorogue-induced snooze.

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