Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ron Antalek is a visionary realtor and developer

Northumberland issues have scared off developers TIMES March 27, 2009 All of us, our politicians and District staff included, can be thankful that among our realtor community we have one or two visionary individuals who are prepared to forego the simple 'how can I make buck' in exchange for the 'how can I influence social change' philosophy. Ron Antalek demonstrated this characteristic with his first 18 townhouses on Fraser Street and I am certain that I echo the sentiments of many of us in the community when I wish him well with the successful disposal of and redevelopment of Northumberland Court.

For many years now the District and its advisors have recognized the fundamental importance of insuring that we pass on a sustainable and viable town centre to future generations. Property owners and the District however have allowed a variety of disagreements to stand in the way. This is not what potential investors in Maple Ridge like to see. Property owners, realtors and the District would serve the community far more effectively by working in harmony rather than acrimony.

For my part I hope that Ron Antalek will be viewed as an example of how responsible business people can can work towards realizing our dreams for the town centre. I hope too that other realtors enjoin in his efforts to get Northumberland Court to a point where it is a jewel in the crown of the downtown rather than a thorn our collective sides.

Claus Andrup

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