Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The circling candidates

Who knows when a political campaign starts. Did the Andrup campaign begin when this blog was launched in 2005? Perhaps. It certainly hosts many, many political comments.

I drafted the first all-candidates for my 2011 campaign in October 2010 - some 11 months ago. My bet is that many others have done the same. There is something to be said for not making one's intentions known too soo. That strategy seems to be what candidates in Maple Ridge use a lot. Newbies like me, are tempted to get out there as soon as possible with our ideas and plans. That could be a mistake. Time will tell.

Yesterday I created a Facebook page called simply MapleRidgeMatters (a double entendre of sorts) and I also kicked off a new Twitter account called @RidgeMatters (shortened by rules at Twitter).

No matter how many social networks or websites you have, we are all agreed that nothing beats pressing the flesh and exchanging views with voters, and that is my aim. There are some 24,000 households in Maple Ridge - that's a few days work for sure. But I have a plan - I think. 

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