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2011 Council Bid for Blogger


Claus Andrup In Bid For Maple Ridge Council

MAPLE RIDGE, British Columbia, (September 2, 2011) – Claus Andrup announced today that in November he will make his first bid to be elected to council in the District Of Maple Ridge.

A resident of Maple Ridge since 1994, he has for a long time been engaged with the community and the District through a number of volunteer positions, notably the Maple Ridge Historical Society, the Community Heritage Commission and the Economic Advisory Commission.

Claus is married to Deborah. Their daughter Olivia is pursuing a film acting career and studies languages and theatre at the University of British Columbia. Eldest daughter, Georgina Kirsten Andrup lives in England and is mother to the most recent addition to the family, Spencer Ernest Derbyshire.

During the spring of 2004 Claus worked as the project committee representative with a diverse and dedicated group of participants from all over Maple Ridge on the Smart Growth On the Ground initiative. The project aimed at establishing the ground rules for taking the downtown centre towards 2021.

Claus says: ”I have the profound sense today that Maple Ridge is on the brink of achieving many of its long held aspirations and, indeed, reaching those ‘greater heights’ it has set its sights on.” He adds: “I would be honoured to play some small role, assisting with the process and participating in the many decisions that will come before council over the next three years.

In 2010 Claus wrote the Radio Haney opinion column for the Maple Ridge News.

He has spent three decades establishing and working with publicly listed companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange in the natural resource and utilities sector, and is a founding director of a new Vancouver-based property developer with interests in California.

He is keen to promote the continued revitalization of the downtown core and is a proponent for densification and increased business, and cultural and leisure activity in downtown area. Maintaining and protecting the current urban boundary is his central platform.

At 62 Claus continues to play soccer in the BC Old Timers soccer league and still pursues his lifelong passion of long board surfing.

Voters can meet Claus at an open house on September 24th at the St. Andrews Heritage Church on 116th Ave, located just off the Haney Bypass.

Maple Ridge resident Ian McLeod has agreed to act as Mr. Andrup’s financial agent.

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