Monday, September 26, 2005

Took a stroll on Sunday up 224th Street through the cool fall air. 224th Street lingers between its former days as the commercial hub of Old Haney and its present day role as host to a mix of neglected inner city lots, a few low cost housing units, the orginal home of neighbourhood's most famous citizen Thomas Haney, a funeral parlour, a gift shop and a gym in a run down and crumbling old building. Two heritage houses sit glumly in the row. A new museum is planned for the lot beside the old Thomas Haney house, a sign that life may be picking up on 224th Street.

So, strolling up through the mist and sun faintly peeking through, I found an elderly man in white
T-shirt and jeans walking the perimeter of one of the low-cost housing buildings. He was picking up the litter from the sidewalk and the flower beds around the property, left no doubt, by the less community spirited denizens of the night. We have many like this gentleman in Old Haney. They bode well for the future of this historic neighbourhood.

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