Friday, May 19, 2006

"American" is the official/national language of the US.

Do ya think George could sorta get the border straightened out, capture Old Sims Allah Bin Lay Low and extricate himself from Eye-Rack, stop calling Quatar "Cutter", win the war on "ter", fix medicare and fix the levees in New Orleans before being overcome with the need to retrain 300 million people in the art of the English language?

There must have been overt tittering and suppressed mirth in the halls of Oxford and Cambridge today when the world learned that the Whitehouse was to declare English an official or perhaps more racially, a national language.

Hey, buddy, you lost the war on English a long time ago. Just stick with the wars at hand. The US declaring English as its official language is like the pot calling the kettle ........well, maybe not. Now that would be racist.