Friday, May 05, 2006

Rumsfeld losing it on more than one count

"Rumsfeld heckled over war in Iraq

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was repeatedly interrupted and heckled by anti-war protesters during a speech.

One protester, retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, accused Mr Rumsfeld of lying to the American people about the presence of WMD in Iraq before the war.
Mr Rumsfeld rejected the accusation and said the Bush administration based its assertions on existing intelligence. "

If Donald Rumsfeld's doctors were watching TV when when CNN treated the world to this incident it may have crossed their minds that their patient is in the early stages of dimentia, though some might argure that the symptons go back quite a while, perhaps decades. This fellow simply has no idea of what he said when and is unable to recall the simplest statements made publicly in earlier interviews. Statements, one should note, that could be considered of some significance. Statments regarding where WMDs were hidden by the Iraqi military. Statments he made pintpointing locations prior to the invasion of Iraq by the US. Statements regarding the likely outcome of the war. And so on - we've heard it all before.

When a student lies to his teacher about why he has not completed his or her homework. Or when an employee lies about why he showed up late for work. Or a child denies stealing cookies from the cookie jar, or a murderer denies being a the scene of the crime, body language and facial expressions are fairly obvious telltales that one is being hoodwinked. How is it then that this old geezer is able to stand up on the world stage and babble on in his demented way (he should be called "Rambling Rumsfeld") ? Why doesn't someone take the mike away from him?

Could it be that the reason is Bumbling Bush?

Losing his mind and losing his war at the same time is obviously taking its toll on Rumsfeld. Interesting how one crazed lunatic, Saddam Hussein, begat another in a country far, far away.