Saturday, October 14, 2006

Good God!

Existence may just be in the eye of the beholder

At the top of the "been there done that" list has to be the dullest debate of all; does God exist. Recent publications against the notion of God's existence are prompted no doubt more by the thrusts and parrys of the religious right (why they are presumed right is beyond comprehension) and the hysterical behaviour of the Jihadists. Throw in a smaterring of several other wannabe praisers of the cosmic designer and "voila" debate is born.

To some extent I envy the believers as the question itself never crosses their minds. Or if it does, they are unlikely to share their doubts with the rest of us.

On the other hand the non-believers too are to be envied; going about their lives, with nary a care in the world, in the full knowledge that no matter how naughty they are, or how mean-spirited their behaviour, they will never have to go to hell for their sins.

Where then does that leave the rest of us?

After some 57 years wandering about this odd little planet with its eccentric population and unpredictable weather - not to mention its argumentative tribes - it struck me that perhaps we are asking the wrong question. Wrong because any question that has no answer cannot be a good thing. For start it is bound to lead to an awful amount of time wasting. Imagine for a minute how much more mankind would have achieved by now had he not engaged in asking himself, and indeed attempting to answer, questions to which he well knows cannot be answered. Far wiser then to stick to the simple stuff like: what is matter? define gravity? where do black holes come from? how can I cure aids and cancer? what must I do to feed the world's poor? why is it getting so hot? who will be the next celebrity to adopt an African country?

So the question that we should be asking which may be easier to answer and within our comprehensive capabilities should be more along the lines of: If God exists at all, would it make one iota of difference to our lot here in earth? God or no God I dare say it life is what it is and we should not go worrying our silly little heads over stuff which is way beyond us - excluding Republicans, Conservatives and Osama Bin Laden of course, who have declared themselves way smarter than us.

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