Saturday, March 14, 2009

'Growth' more of a threat than is accepted by world leaders including our hopeful Obama

In a previous blog we asked;"what is this obsession with growth?' It is perhaps time to reflect again on our blind call for growth, our near evangelical headlong dash to save the planet by growing it economically. Is this a sound plan? It seems to this blogger that growth itself is what has brought the world financial systems (aided of course by the usual corrupts) to its and consequently our knees. Growth of a natural kind is to be expected. Force fed growth such as we see come from the G20 an others is I am afraid, quite possibly, a fool's game. A fool's game leading quite likely to an even deeper recession than the one we now find ourselves in.

These past six months have seen a lot of 'leaping' not prefixed by the prescribed 'looking before.'

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