Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rush into the Glen

Can there be two more reprehensible, awful personalities on our wide screens than Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. I'd like to think that Limbaugh has the excuse of insanity. Beck has no excuse and his parents for that matter have less of an excuse for unifying to bring this whining monstrosity into our living rooms.

I would like to think that what they do for a living is done for entertainment, as nothing comes from either mouth that relates even remotely to the true state of the United of States or any other state, hostile or benign.

We are told that CNN is representative of the left and that FOX is somehow right wing. Beck brought only insidious trivia to CNN and was so good at it that he now applies the same righteous drivel to FOX. Has he ever once watched or listened to himself. I suspect the answer is 'yes'. And if that is the case the US is in serious trouble i.e if he believes himself then others may follow. I would happily double the world's financial woes and see the collapse of numerous large banks to see the back of Beck. He needs to be locked up. He needs to be locked up with Rush in the same cell. Rush needs to catch Glen in the showers and roger some sense into his flabby white ass. That will make Glen's blue eyes shine even brighter.

If anyone has any suggestions on how we can rid the planet of Beck and Limbaugh all submissions are welcome. Perhaps a stint in Afghanistan will sort them out. They could clean out Al Quaeda latrines or dig ditches for the Taleban. Anything to keep them off our TV screens. Two fascist mafia, but without the flair one would expect of the Sopranos, Capone and Luciano.

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