Wednesday, March 11, 2009

H2 Oh no!!!

Maple Ridge, March 11 2008 Here's the irony. They tell us we are running out of fresh water. They also tell us the world's oceans are about to wipe out coastal regions and redesign our continents.

So here's my question: With desalination plants now a reality, can there be any reason - at all - why our oh so global leaders spend some of the that bailout cash on building desalination plants all over the place?

We'll drink and use as much water as we can to insure that our coastlines remain untouched by climate change/warming or whatever the most recent label is for what is going with this Earth.

Convert the rising salt water oceans to fresh water and irrigate the world's driest regions. Who knows if any of the creative leadership have given any thought to the potential for hydro power generated from all that extra water we are about to be the beneficiaries of.

Could it be any simpler?

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