Friday, September 18, 2009

From the MRCC - the latest on Northumberland Court

For anyone that missed it here is a link to the news story that was presented on CTV BC news the other day.

nks to everyone that has been informing other community members about the meeting on September 28th at the Fraserview Community Center.

For anyone that read the article form the Maple Ridge News regarding property tax and the potential short falls the city is facing when it comes to covering expenses, and what has priority and does not when it comes to expenditures of tax money the mayor is quoted as asking is quoted as saying '_what do we not do_?' It is safe to say that one thing the city should not do is repair Jack Athwal's suites and then go through the process of trying to recover the money.

As is stated in the CTV news segment Athwal's mansion on River Road is estimated at 1.7 million and he owns as many a 40 rental properties. The only thing the city should ensure is that the dilapidated suites should be adequately and thoroughly boarded up until after the court appointed administrators tenure is up, ensure their is money in the treasury and get an independent assessment that the cost of repairs will not exceed the cost of an entire rebuild.

Seeing as Athwal has now been quoted numerous times as saying even he does not want the suites repaired it is futile for the city to push forward with repairs if it is facing potential short falls in other areas. Anyone who feels the same is encourage to contact mayor, council and staff to encourage them not to make the wrong decision as to what city tax dollars will be used for.

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