Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jackson Farm - for the moment - falls to urban sprawl

Opponents to the Jacson Farm proposal in Maple Ridge sat in silence Tuesday 22 2009 as council voted 4 to 2 in favour of the proposal. There was never any doubt which way Morden, Hogarth and Dueck would go. As dyed in the wool good old boys urban sprawl is what they dine on daily.

Radio Haney was delighted to see Cheryl Ashlie not allow herself to be sucked in to voting 'yes' on this one.

Linda King steadfast as ever and, to use Ashlie's words 'predictable', voted against this proposal.

The biggest loser, as he will find out at the next election, is Craig Speirs. Radio Haney has for many years suspected that this humdrum of a self-serving politician had duplicitous tendencies.
Speirs voted in favour of going ahead on Jackson Farm and in a single vote washed away his credibility - the little he had remaining - and sits now firmly with the good old boys of Maple Ridge. In a sense he has come of age.

Council will reminded in no uncertain terms of their actions on this matter at the next election.

Hats off to Ashlie and King. 'Off with their heads' to Morden, Dueck, Speirs and Hogarth.

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