Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Ignoramus - someone who ignores things?

Hmmm, yes it seems I have been neglecting my own blog recently. Tut-tut!! Or as the Archbishop in Cape Town would say: "Tutu!"

All the these ways to communicate and so little to communicate.

BreastFest Sunday in Memorial Park was fun. Radio Haney was asked to be the MC and did so, sort of. Not really my gig. Or as the big wolf once said:"Not really my pig." Or as.....oh never mind.

The cool days are pretty welcome. The Ridge is just the same notwithstanding the weather or the season. Same old same old - as I keep hearing when I am up on Lougheed.

Had a hole in one at Cedar Ridge Creek or is that Cedar Creek Ridge. On the 7th short par three - straight in!! Never had that happen before.

Spent a week in California surfing. And a week in Vegas at a wedding. How come it takes as long to get married as it does to go the beach. No really, how come?

So between Facebooking, Twittering and blogging not a hell of a lot else got done this summer.

There seemed to be a little progress over at Jack the Bat's joint. Given the number of hoodies on the street it was a relatively painless summer crime-wise.

It seems a fall election is on the cards. I won't be taking part in any shape or form. An absolute waste of money and my time. Every time I vote for anyone I get a sinking feeling immediately I walk from the booth - local, provincial or federal, I am done with politics.

Radio Haney's only child is now off to college studying film and TV acting. It fun to see her head out the door each morning.

We painted the decks last week. The cats are being quite well behaved. Though you a never know; a cat will turn on you. Just like that!!

Definitely fewer pinks in the Fraser this year. But you already knew that.

Pitt Meadows as a civic organization seems to be way ahead of this village. Truth is it does not matter.

Realty market is quite perky at the moment - that does not matter either.

An odd and eery silence befalls us as we head towards the spookiness of October.

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