Friday, November 06, 2009

From the Maple Ridge News Friday November 5 2009


1 What will the hazardous materials assessment reveal?
2 When will the repairs be completed?
3 What will the cost of repairs total?
4 Will the owner pay?
5 If the owner cannot pay or refuses to pay, what will the future be for Northumberland Court?
6 Will prostitution, drug manufacturing and dealing, and crime decline in Haney during the period the repairs are being done?
7 Is this the beginning of the revitalization of Haney (and the downtown core)?

Another deadline passes for Northumberland

Updated: November 05, 2009 4:30 PM

The deadline for the tenants in suites 17 and 18 at Northumberland Court to move out was Monday.

Bylaws director Brock McDonald said the district is now in a position to relocate the tenants.

“They will have to be out until the repairs are completed,” he added.

Four more suites must be vacated by Dec. 1.

The district is slowly relocating tenants from 10 apartments at the Fraser Street complex owned by Jack Athwal so it can begin to make the spaces safe.

Contractors are set to begin a hazardous material assessment on some of the suites that have already been emptied.

Maple Ridge has been trying to clean up Northumberland Court for several years.

In September, council passed a resolution authorizing the district to do safety repairs on 10 suites owned by Athwal. McDonald said all the tenants who live in the suites owned by Athwal were advised of the pending repairs via hand-delivered letters.

“The owner was given a deadline to complete the repairs and did not do them. Council made a resolution for the district to commence repairs and that’s what we are doing right now,” he added.

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