Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shameless leadership leads to shameful acts

Haney is now a priority. Not that anyone cares.

Once more the attempt will be to keep this short.  As was mentioned in the last update, another stolen vehicle was found this week at Northumberland Court.

Really nothing new with that; as well there is nothing new with prostitutes working out of a trailer at the back of Northumberland Court.

There is also nothing new with the city not addressing these problems.  The city has been well aware of these problems historically, and is well aware of these current problems and everyone knows that they are choosing not to act on the most serious issues facing this community.

After the much heralded reports on the conditions at Northumberland Court came out eight months ago the city still didn't act.  In council chambers fists were shaken and strong words were said and then after a few more months, violent acts and dangerous situations the city started to stumble along and go for what they figured would be the easy targets and this week they certainly found one.

You see this week instead of shutting down the suites that have been raided by the police numerous times, or shutting down the suites that have the stolen vehicles at them, or instead of shutting down the suites that have the prostitutes working out of them, guess which suite the city shuts down?

If your guess is the suite with an elderly man on disability, who has had two strokes and gets around using canes you would be correct.  You see, if you are running a prostitution ring, or chop shop, you get extensions from the city to carry on this business as you have done for last four to five years, because as the city has said for many years 'it's complicated, we've done all we can'.

But, if you are an elderly man on disability, what you get is a disgusting spectacle of screaming and crying that ends up with what any individual with a bit of decency would know is wrong, and the reason that it is allowed to happen is because it's easy.

Go no further than fifty feet and find stolen vehicles and prostitution, but be an elder man at Northumberland Court, well its time to go.
This is called leadership in Maple Ridge and if anyone find this disgusting the mayor's email along with the director of bylaws, who is the one quarter back this debacle should be used to let them know this is a despicable way to try and solve this problem.

This is one of the emails that everyone is encouraged to send around to whomever they think needs to be informed  because it is a given that the current extensions will be followed up by more extensions so count on more chaos, more crack sales and of course more stolen vehicles showing up.

If the city wishes to give their reasoning for their recent actions and just as important their inaction's they are encouraged to do so.

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