Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Northumberland is the District's Northslumberland

Small-time criminals and bent landlords have the District of Maple Ridge on its knees

In an attempt to keep this update short we'll skip over the stolen vehicle found at Northumberland Court the other day as well as the prostitutes working out of the trailer behind Northumberland Court, which by the way gets its power from an extension cord that is hooked up to an outlet in one of the suites that is supposed to be shut down by the city. 

What will be focused on is rumour and hearsay.  It would be nice to have facts and dates but given how many deadlines that have been missed it seems better to stick to what people in the community are saying is going to happen rather than believing what the city says it is going to do, only to have them not do it. 

Without a doubt Northumberland is starting to slide again.  The aforementioned stolen vehicles and on site prostitution are examples of this.  But what is being heard in the community is that the city will make another attempt to shut down suites 17& 18.  Organizations have reached out to the individuals currently residing in suites 17 & 18, which were supposed to be vacated on November 1st and though there were opportunities for the tenants to take these housing opportunities they were rejected.  

The other thing being heard is that the majority owner has gotten a manager to deal with his suites at Northumberland Court.  This is a bit odd seeing as the city should have closed down these suites so it is hard to say what there is to manage, but hopefully this individual understands how the community around Northumberland Court is sick and tired of this ongoing disaster and will act accordingly.

That's it for now.  If there is action on closing down more suites at Northumberland an update will be sent out with this news.  Let's hope the city acts as it should, and indeed as it said it would.

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