Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conservative reaction comes as no surprise

It is not that Canadian Conservatives are incapable of thought. Nor that Conservatives have difficulty writing books. In all probability there are even Conservatives who can lay claim to an ancestry which might include distant European royalty. Studies reveal that from time to time Conservatives have been spotted in foreign countries; a rare occurrence true, and mostly paid for by the unsuspecting Canadian tax payer.

Notwithstanding the similarities and common characteristics that bind the Conservative Party of Canada with the Liberals one can smell the distinct odour of fear and loathing in the air where Conservatives are gathered and when the single word "Iggy" is heard.

Frankly, Radio Haney is already of the opinion that the arrival of Iggy at the head of the Liberal table means the end of the current Conservative presence in Ottawa. True, they will always be present, just less so in the future.

Had the Conservatives acted with less panic, and lets face it, with more calm grace and (God forbid) a more intellectual approach, then the electorate would not have been alerted to the notion that Conservative MPs from coast to coast and southern border to the yet to be defined northern border, will lie sleepless in their beds until the next election. Like them or loath them it is clear that Conservatives have imploded by publicly declaring his imminence Ignatieff as un-Canadian. A man with a surname that no one can pronounce is set to become this country's first thinking, travelled, broad-minded, thoughtful prime minister. This arrival will come as a shock not only to the Conservatives but to the man in the street from Tofino to Toronto.

Oddly, this Canada hosts more conservative thinking and behaviour than possibly any other state on earth. Historically at least Canada's conservatism and national modesty has cloaked our nation in what seems often as woeful camouflaged obscurity. We are pained when reminded that the only person still remembered by the international community is Pierre what's his name.

Reviled as a communist by some Trudeau and Ignatieff can a least claim Russia as a their common denominator. I smell a left-wing conspiracy. No wonder Harper and friends have collectively soiled their pants at the prospect.

In British Columbia - and this has been widely commented on - the NDP failed a) because it is so natural for them to do so and b) because they attempted to paint Gordon Campbell as Mr. Nasty.

We the polite Canadian seem to react strongly when faced with negative campaigning by one party or the other. Were the Conservative Party to maintain the current level of negative advertising it will do no more than throw down the welcome mat to the doors of Parliament at the feet of Liberals. It demonstrates in a very transparent manner that the Conservatives lack exactly what Iggy is accused of, an intellectual understanding of the world we now occupy.

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