Friday, May 01, 2009

Why does the NDP want to stop Gordon Campbell - stop him from what?

Here is the thrust - I use the word advisedly - of the NDP's campaign message. Radio Haney's comments in blue:

It's time to stop Gordon Campbell

After years of arrogance and neglect, ordinary British Columbians know things will get worse if he's re-elected.

RH: Where is the neglect, where is the arrogance (all British Columbians are ordinary, so what is the point) and if they are ordinary what ordinary secret powers do they possess that enables them know that things will get worse if Gordon Campbell is re-elected?

They know that Gordon Campbell will use the recession to cut and privatize like never before.

RH: They (the ordinary British Columbians) do not know that Gordon Campbell will use the recession to cut and privatize 'like never before'. The NDP credits GC with superhuman powers if they feel he can 'use' the recession. Like all other leaders he has no alternative but to wait out the recession. To think that he can somehow benefit from the recession is a little naive.

And they know Campbell will cut health and education to help his friends, donors and big private interests.

RH: James and he advisors need to get a little more specific if they think that this fear-mongering will work. They - the ordinary British Columbians - do not 'know' that GC will cut health and education. The truth of the matter is that the NDP are just as likely to cut health and education in the highly unlikely event of being elected.

With record job losses in the last few months, ordinary British Columbians are worried they can't count on Campbell to protect their jobs and incomes in tough times.

RH: More ordinary British Columbians? One wonders if there are any extra-ordinary British Columbians at all? It is the views it seems of the NDP that we are all ordinary. Little wonder then that this province, pretty as it is, is not widely known for much else than simply being Beautiful British Columbia. A beautiful place, full of ordinary people; at least that seems to be the NDP take on things. If ordinary British Columbians are worried they can't count on Campbell then one must assume that extraordinary British Columbians hold another view altogether; the less than ordinary ones - the majority - will show that they are very confident in Campbell's management skills when it comes to protecting jobs and incomes. The brightest and hardest working will of course manage quite nicely thank you without any assistance from either the NDP or the Liberals.

His unfair and ineffective gas tax will triple, making it harder for working families to make ends meet without doing anything to help the environment.

RH: It will also take a huge chunk of vehicles off the road - good for the environment. Replacing cars with public transport is an idea as old as the hills and it works. Gas should be taxed like cigarettes.

And after years of delays Campbell still evades all questions about alleged corruption in the sale of BC Rail. What's he hiding?

RH: Allegations are of course simply allegations. He may very well be hiding something - he is after all a politician. We will never know what Carol James is hiding as she will never be in a position where knowing her secrets will be of interest to anyone; except of course ordinary British Columbians.


Never use the word 'thrust' when Marc Dolton is in the room.

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