Saturday, May 02, 2009

The NDP are decoupled from reality

Taxing death & beer?
You've got to be kidding me.
Dear friend,

Just when you thought the NDP had run out of things to tax, they've found two more - death and beer.

Yes, these two bombshells rocked the NDP campaign today.


Recently an NDP candidate surprised all participants at an all-candidates forum when he directly endorsed the introduction of a new tax on inheritance – sometimes called a “death tax” – if the NDP were elected.

Shockingly, the NDP not only want to increase taxes on you while you’re alive, but they also want to increase taxes on you after you’re gone.


Yesterday the NDP confirmed they will increase costs for private liquor retailers by $155-million over the next three years resulting in an average $3 increase in the price of a six-pack of beer – risking thousands of jobs in over 650 retail stores.

As British Columbians kick back with their friends and family and enjoy the Canucks' playoff run and the arrival of summer, the last thing they need to hear is that the NDP will jack up the price of beer and wine.

While people are worried about their jobs during the global economic downturn, the NDP is trying to find new ways to tax you.

As we approach Election Day, I’d ask you to contrast this news with the over 120 tax cuts made by the BC Liberal government over the last eight years.

Today, I urge you to spread the word, get involved, make a donation, and help us stop the NDP.


Kelly Reichert
Director of Operations

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