Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Up in arms

North Korea is once again being given heaps of media airtime over its nuclear program. A missile launched here, a test blast there. Once again Kim Il Jong has the United Nations running around like a headless chicken.

Let us say that every one's worst nightmare came true and North Korea managed to assemble a weapon and concomitant gear required to launch an attack. Who on earth cares? Who will the little man attack? More imortant, why?

If North Korea were lucky enough to get a missile off how long would it be before it received a visitation from a similar device launched by one of the super powers or perhaps even by nearby Pakistan.

After Bush's 'weapons of mass distruction' era of the past US administration we are, it is clear, now entering the Obama era of weapons of 'miss distraction.'

Kim Il Jong is incapable of hitting a barn door with a BB gun. And, if by some miracle he did lucky, there is little doubt that China and other Asian countries, ably assisted by Russia, are more than capable of taking away Kim's whole barn of western luxury goods.

One has to feel immense sorrow for the citizens of North Korea and one can only hope that they will one day find it in themselves to stand up agains the dictator Kim and take him out in one way or the other. In today's world it is not possible for a single country to threaten global stability. All that CNN, the BBC and the rest of the media is doing is making it easier for us to believe that North Korea is a threat when in fact it is nowhere close.

We became accustomed to the fear mongering of the Cheney-Bush duet. The media has taken over where Buch and Cheney left off. Surely there are more serious issues at hand. Who, for instance, is going to win the 2010 World Cup? North Korea? I think not.

Kim Il Jong may be an ugly little bugger, but Robert Mugabe he ain't.

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