Monday, June 22, 2009

From: Maple Ridge Concerned citizens website

According to the agenda for Tuesday night's city council meeting, item number 800 is an update on what is occurring at Northumberland Court. Oddly enough this will be only a verbal report and there is nothing in the package to give some idea of what will be discussed. Whether at the end of the report there will be a question period remains to be seen. Regardless, those who are able to attend and willing to sit through an entire council meeting will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the progress, or lack there of at Northumberland Court. For this reason the following question will ideally be asked at the council meeting on June 23rd.

- For years the city has made reference to the strata act of BC as the reason it has allowed the abuse at NW8 to carry on for so long. Could you please inform the citizens of Maple Ridge what sections of the Strata Act have rendered the city unable to act in any meaningful way and allowed one individual to run roughshod over the rights of an entire community?

- At the last council meeting questions were not answered because it was stated that the city is facing legal action, but when one searches the court filings at Vancouver, New Westminster, and Coquitlam they do now show that the District of Maple Ridge is facing any court actions tied into Northumberland Court. Can you please state what court case is against the city, which court house it is being heard in and what is the court case number?

- Please give the details of the business license suspension of Jagdev (Jack) Singh Athwal: how long will it last, what process needs to be followed for him to get his business license back, is he allowed to still be a landlord if the suites are already occupied, feel free to add anything that will shed some light on this situation.

- It has now come to light that the provincial government is again sending cheques for lodging to buildings at Northumberland Court even though the land lord has had his business license suspended, what is the city doing to enforce this suspension and ensure that it's own bylaws are respected, put another way why should citizens respect the bylaws of Maple Ridge if the provincial government does not?t

- Hypothetically speaking If a building has had it's gas, electrical and plumbing system tampered with what level of tampering would have to occur for it to still have an occupancy permit?

- Building Bylaw 6180-2003 which regulates the alteration, repair, and demolition of buildings and structures in Maple Ridge states in section 32.1 that “Every person who contravenes any provision of this bylaw commits an offence punishable on summary conviction and shall be liable to a fine of not more than $10,000 dollars or to imprisonment for not more than six months.” Would this bylaw apply to the owner of a structure who has knowledge that these alterations has occurred?

There have been no updates to the website for the last several weeks due to computer difficulties, these problems have been fixed and the hope is to update the website over the next week.

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