Sunday, June 14, 2009

Negative Conservative advertising has a positive effect

The daily onslaught of the same negative advertisement against Michael Ignatief was at first simply childish and rude. Now, having been pummeled to numbness by this advertisement for weeks, it has driven me firmly into the Liberal fold.

The negative ads by the Conservatives, should they continue to be aired, will bury the Conservative party for years to come. It is a shame, because Conservative, without Harper, and without the infantile negative philosophy for campaigning, could probably do some good for the country.

The Liberals must be thrilled and delighted at the Conservative lack of tact and finesse. And overjoyed at having Canada handed back to them, so loyally and ably assisted by the Conservatives. We told almost daily how smart Stephen Harper is. One wonders now if this is just another example of the Conservative lie.

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