Friday, June 12, 2009

"I" can sink a leader

"I" - for want of a better word - have noticed an uncomfortable overuse of the word "I" in Barack Obama's speech patterns.

It is common to use the word frequently during a campaign, but when the "I" word is used several times in one sentence in the course of almost every speech thereafter then the speaker runs the risk of coming across like a spoilt brat. Heaven forbid that one should label the chief executive orator as a spoilt brat, but given time someone is bound to notice this trend and make an issue of it.

Another man has done quite well in modern times using the "we" word. His name is Nelson Mandela. Barack may do himself a favour during a day off and take time to view some of Nelson's speech's. Doing so may earn him a second term. Ignoring this simple advice may send him to an early political demise along with all the other leaders who put "I" before "we". After all, it is the "we" the people who get "I" the leader elected.

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