Sunday, June 21, 2009

No need for big box in Albion or small box in Maple Ridge town centre now

Now that Surrey and Langley have opened their malls - for those who actually need these things - the shoppers of our little village need no longer pine for a mall in the Albion or any other location in Maple Ridge.

We can all take our dollars South (and it seems this weekend we already did) and the poor buggers in Surrey and Langley who need a mountain to climb, or a lake to swim in can visit glorious Maple Ridge. And before they leave they van pick up a souvenir at one of our dollar stores, snack on some fast food, take a tourist pic of Northumberland Court (I visited Haney this weekend and got the T-shirt).

The politicians and staff in Maple Ridge have spent decades discussing local issues and totally ignored the world as it goes about its business beyond our borders. Oddly, this may work in our favour.

Like so many I drove the Golden Ears Bridge this week. I have to say that the journey south into the wasteland (smelly wasteland) of industrial oblivion was not nearly as pleasant as returning to the vista of mountains and green landscapes driving north.

So, now we really are the West Vancouver of the Valley. Nothing but recreation and fun. I'm good with that.

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