Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Message to Mr Sather and Mr Dalton cc District of Maple Ridge

Hello to both MLA's:

So you are aware less than 48 hours after the fire in one of the suites at Northumberland Court that the city was supposed to have secured there has been an instance of a woman being threaten and chased by a man brandishing a knife. There were many witnesses that viewed this and called the police and they arrived, but it is yet another example that the city has completely lost control of Northumberland Court.

It could be easily argued that they have not had any control for a number of years but that is beside the point right now. In under four days our community, has had to deal with one fire and one attempted stabbing/murder and without a doubt if leadership is not shown this will only be the beginning of a very dangerous trend.

If there is any assistance that your offices can give the city on this issue they clearly need it. Our community is desperate. There is no point in saying something will change when someone gets killed because there has already been murder, as well as arson, rape, forced confinement and beatings, along with numerous other social ills. Time lines have been drawn up and thrown aside so where does that leave those of us on the front lines of dealing with these issues?

Beyond the long term goal of working on SCAN legislation we need help and need it immediately. Anything your offices can do to assist the community and give some kind of guidance to the city would be appreciated.

PLEASE, helps us.

We have been abandoned by a city hall that is more concerned with their belief in what the protocol is then their belief that the safety of the community should be paramount. I wish to be clear, the situation at Northumberland Court is one of complete lawlessness and unless something is quickly done it will further spiral down to complete chaos.

Items that can be used as weapons are being manufactured on the premises and what happens when those items are used against the community?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Tyler Ducharme

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