Tuesday, October 20, 2009

North blunder land Court

Rome burns while the politicians fiddle

It took less then 48 hours since the city made the choice to not act on their own council motions and time line and there has been yet another fire at Northumberland Court in one of the suites. If there was a need for another example of how poorly the city has been handling this situation it would not be much worse than this.

The fire department responded to the fire and is still investigating the cause, but at this point the question must again be asked; when will the city honour its commitments to this community and the entire population by following through on its own reports and motions passed in council chambers? How many more instances of the communities safety being put at a dangerous risk need to occur before the city lives up to its word?

As was said in the last update the city spent years dodging and neglecting the numerous issues around Northumberland Court only to fall back on the excuse that they cannot act due to their fear of liability. So is there any chance those same councillors and staff will declare they once again did not act on thier own reports and motions due to fear of liability, even while their own inaction is creating a huge liability. The reports city staff did on the condition of those suites are still out there.

If the cause of this fire, or the next fire, are found to be a result of issues uncovered in those reports what does the city think the liability will be at that point? That's really one of the many problems though.

The city has not given this any thought. There has been no planning, no contingency, and sadly worst of all no leadership. They, council and staff, have it within their power to act and to act decisively in the best interest of community safety and to prevent any potential liability issues and yet they come up with excuse after excuse as to why they cannot. Wouldn't it be nice if for a change the approach was based around what can be done instead of always taking the path of what can't be done.

So what excuse when the next fire hits, what excuse when the next shooting, assault or murder occurs? What excuse will the city come up with as to why they cannot act on this issue in an honest and meaningful way. Wait for it there will be another excuse.


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