Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 15 2009 - it can't come soon enough

Following text from MRCC

Going through the agenda for tonight's Maple Ridge council meeting there does not appear to be any items that are related to the positive resolution at Northumberland Court.

The reason that the wording of the prior sentence is 'does not appear' is because though it may not be an agenda item the issues around Northumberland Court and the majority owner to get discussed in council even when it does not appear on the meetings agenda. For example, the issue around the business license suspension of Jagdev 'Jack' Athwal was brought up at the last council meeting, but this item did not appear on the agenda before the meeting.

The issue of the business license suspension was brought up in the mayor's report and read as follows:

“Mayor Daykin provided an update of progress being made at Northumberland Court. He advised that the District of Maple Ridge has authorized its solicitors, Young, Anderson to commence injunction proceedings in the B.C. Supreme Court to enforce the Maple Ridge Business Licencing and Regulation Bylaw No. 6333-2005 against Jagdev Singh Athwal for carrying on the business of renting dwelling units in theDistrict of Maple Ridge without a business licence”

In one instance perhaps this should be a sign of encouragement in that the issue is still being discussed at the council level. On the other side though it is odd given how the community has driven council to finally move on this issue, and other issues relating to Northumberland Court, and yet one would not know this issues was going to be discussed during that meeting because the subject did not make it as an agenda item.

It seems as though things are going to come down to this Thursday, October 15th when the Athwal suites are to be vacated so that the city can undertake the remedial repairs. Still no documentation readily available in regards to the tenuring of this project so it will remain to be seen as to what direction the city is going regarding the repairs.

They say they are committed to the repairs, but given the financial climate there is still a big question as to whether this is the best use of city dollars, even with the claim that they are easily recoverable.

On the SCAN front the hope is to have a schedule from the BC government regarding the timing of introducing legislation and the process that follows. Aside from the political will to get legislation passed, the other crucial aspect is timing of getting legislation into the apparatus of government so that it can be vetted,debated and then finally voted on when the opportunity presents itself. Ideally something will be sent out by the end of the week.

Keep an eye on the 15th and we'll see where things go from there.


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